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BMH Signs & Machining Inc. is a CNC equipped sign shop. Currently we run two CNC Router tables, one 4’x8′ table and one 5’x10′ table which help us complete our projects with efficiency and accuracy. These machines give us the capabilities to cut, drill, or carve a variety of different materials or substrates including non-ferrous metals based on computer files, more specifically vector graphics files. As well as our CNC Routers we also have a large format digital printer which allows us to print to pressure sensitive vinyl and banner products giving the opportunity to add photos as well as a larger gamut of colors without a higher additional cost to the customer. Although the name says signs, we are not limited to only doing signage jobs. With the capabilities of our shop we can also produce things like custom cabinet doors, we have made molds for companies in the past and much more. We are also located beside a fantastic print shop Acadian Printing which help us to become more of a one-stop shop for all your business needs and supplies.


So you ask, What can BMH do for you?

Well if your another sign shop and still cut your blanks with a jigsaw then you need to give us a call. We have great prices as well as fast turn-arounds, and we can do alot more with our machines then you can do with a jigsaw. We can cut, carve and/or drill just about any type of plastic or non-ferrous metals. So give a call or an email for a quote on some cutting, carving or drilling for your next project.


November 2017
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